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Group Coaching, Tracey has over 25 years of experience working within the Community and she is here now to guide YOU to finding yourself and your path in life.

* Do you feel like you aren't going down the right path?

* Do you believe things are just going all wrong?

* Do you keep hitting road blocks, repeating patterns?

* Do you suffer major health issues, anxiety, stress, depression?

* Are you experiencing the attraction of the wrong partner or people in your life?

* Addictions, or addictive behaviours?

* Relationship issues, breakdowns?

* Lack confidence, who am I?

* Trauma bonding, trauma stagnation, past experiencing holding you back?

If you answered YES Read ON!

Don't wait any longer, book your FREE 30min Consultation today let's see if we fit together!

It's YOUR time to start living the life you were meant to live. Find your purpose, make your mark, and embrace the future with confidence and clarity, no age barriers, it's only a Mindset.

25% Discount applies for Pensioners, Healthcare Card Holders & Veteran's, advice admin upon enquiry and provide a copy of your card for the discount to be applied.

Trust in yourself this is where you are meant to be right now....

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I'm not Selling.....
I'm Inspiring.....

What are You Buying?

Me (Tracey) the true authentic ME. The vibrant, enchanted, inspirational, empowering, knowledgable, skilled and experienced ME!

You will reap the rewards and never look back on the old you....

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About Me - Tracey Ward

"Providing the tools you need to relearn how to change your mindset and achieving your personal best in all aspects of your life."

Tracey Ward CEO & Founder of ToWard Futures, servicing Corporate Group Coaching, Online Group Coaching & Personal Supervision Mentoring.  Tracey's  Qualifications include Diploma levels in Community Welfare, Mental Health, Disability Services, Counselling, Positive Lifestyle Programmer, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and a Tertiary Teacher Trainer.

With a range of programs including a FREE 30 mins Consultation to assist you in deciding, which training would see you successfully accomplish your Life Path & Goals, take the opportunity to have a chat with her TODAY!

Tracey's MISSION is to be affordable to each Soul who seeks her guidance in Life Coaching & Mentoring, hence why the packages are very competitive in price.

25% Discounts apply for Health Care Card, Veteran Card and Pension Card Holders, Coupon Code THIS DISCOUNT APPLIES FOREVER!

Her Future Vision is to provide a Safe Haven, seeking acreage for those who are facing houseless/homelessness, and for animals who need rehoming, in the near future. This endeavour will be a NOT FOR PROFIT foundation for those seeking help.

Start your journey to success with Tracey today!
Intuitive Tarot Readings

Tracey is an Earth Angel with highly advanced Intuitive gifts as a Lightworker, she is compelled to provide you with the guidance your spiritual family, Angels wish for you to know and move forward on your journey. Her accuracy is provided in feedback by clients who have valued her services.   

The readings are 30mins with no limits on the cards that she is drawn to use for your reading. She specialises on your Life Purpose and finding the right direction and path you are meant to align to. 

Enquire what specials I have running at the time you are wishing for a reading. 
Facebook Tracey Lee Ann Gold Coast  
Phone 0475 677 289.

A video link below of a Reading for you to view.  Customers Feedback is below.

 Thank You Heaps 

Amy Greenwood
Intuitive Reading

 You mentioned last night about a yellow van well I just left home to pick up my daughter and wouldn't you know it but just opposite my house they have a yellow van lol Tracey's Response: Wow that happened fast!!! Thank you for the validation. xox 

Katrina Sharma
Intuitive Reading

 Thank you Tracey that definitely resonated with me... 

Lina Guerrera
Intuitive Reading

 Been told there is a woman on my mother's side looking over me before... but we never met. Moved State and I have a new Job, thanks for the reading. Tracey's response: Thank you for the instant validation xox 

Pia Lindstrom
Intuitive Reading

 You were spot on I've been advocating for my elderly parents and I've definitely had to find my voice to help them. Tracey's Response: Thank you for your immediate validation xox 

Sharon Connelly
Intuitive Reading

 Hey Tracey, Just wanted to say a big thank you for last night. I really enjoyed it and helped me understand a few things. So thanks again. You did your great job. Tracey's response: Thank you for the immediate validation xox 

Tess Bougaard
Visualiser of Interiors

 She was spot on with me! You guided me to join the live reading. Thank you Tracey! The Universe guided me to your direction yesterday. Thank you! Spot on Tracey's response: Thank you so much for your immediate validation xox 

Zoisy Lisa
Intuitive Reading

 Aw thank you, I always talk to my nanna who passed and it was her birthday recently. Yes many decisions to make haha. Thanks for the reading. Tracey's response: Thank you for the immediate response and validation xox 

Katherine Violet
Intuitive Reading

 Thank you so much! 

Rozyta Mazandarani
Intuitive Reading

25% Discount for those on low Government Reliant Income.

Women's Small Group Life Coaching (10) Attendees Online

Tracey is an inspirational, trendsetter, with a vision for a community of people vibrating with love and support to each other. The first step to finding your happiness is within, learn how to love, value, appreciate yourself, so that you can set loving boundaries for others to rise to on your level, by inspiring the best in everyone around you. Make decisions in your life that are in line with your life path, the true authentic you and the calling you have to achieve in this life for the betterment of yourself and in turn others. You will be empowered, it will be a life changing experience, you will not look back or revert back to old patterns, you will master your life and you will be exceptionally happy you made this decision for yourself.

Mixed Gender Neutral Group Sessions

This is a mixed gender-neutral group where the coaching is tailored to the being not the gender specific. You will learn who you are and embrace your true authenticity, finding your true-life path to freedom, individuality, happiness, healthy life and most importantly your life's true path. This is an empowering journey that you will thrive from for the rest of your life. Learning, embracing and changing your mindset will enable you to have the tools to conquer every challenge you face as a Human Being.

Tracey In Person Groups 20+ Attendees - Business Coaching

Tracey has a background as a Tertiary Teacher and is highly effective in providing large group training, she is available for bookings of groups 20+ to physically attend and provide inspirational coaching & mentoring mindset changes for the betterment of the individual and those who work within a tight knit team environment. Packages are tailored to your industry. I have a vast background and have worked in many fields, including Industrial, Labouring Industry, Unemployment Industry, Disability Services Industry, Insurance/Accounting/Welfare Industries and more. Just $90 for a 90 mins session to listen, learn and take away what you need from this experience with Tracey.

Coming Soon Empowered Life Transformation online or in Person Groups

Experience the power of transformation as Tracey guides you towards a soulful journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Through empowering techniques and high energy, love generated coaching, unlock your true potential and embrace a life filled with love, abundance, and purpose. This service is both for online and in person group bookings 10+ $120 one 2 hours session

25% Discount Pensioners
For those on low Government Reliant Income, please email a copy of your card when you have completed your purchase

Email me with a copy of your card so I can provide you with this discount in supporting you to accomplishing the serves that you wouldn't normally be able to afford.
  •  24/01/2024 03:26 PM

Exploring the concept of self-worth and its importance in developing deep and meaningful love.

  •  24/01/2024 03:18 PM

Discover effective stress-relief strategies that can help you achieve a balanced and calm lifestyle, allowing you to manage and reduce stress levels in today's hectic world. Pet's are a massive help and the unconditional love is priceless.

  •  24/01/2024 02:20 PM

Free Coaching Tips on "Catastrophising" Changing your Mindset Simplified FULL VIDEO

  • Coomera Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
  • Australia Wide Consultations Soon Worldwide Consultations

Please provide information on your inquiry, if you hold a valid Pension Card, please send a copy for your discount to be applied.

Divine Guidance is Empowering Tracey in Life Coaching with the Love of Elevating Souls to accomplish their full potential and Life's Path, do you share this with her?

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