Are you Awakening? Insightful guidance, loving and nurturing support by Earth Angel Tracey

  • Category: Awakening Group Classes
  • Duration: 02:00 Hours
  • Location:Online Link




Online Event Starts 7th April 2014 on Sunday Night at 7pm - 9pm

This event is directed to those who are experiencing the following: * Sleep disturbances, (possibly waking at 3am till 5am daily) * Mental Health confusion, distortion, out of the ordinary. * Unease and body health issues, compounding one after the other, out of the ordinary. * Broken relationships, seeing the true colours of people you once trusted and loved who have turned on you all of a sudden. * Feeling unease watching mainstream TV or listening to the news on the radio. * Dreams of unusual or past childhood events. * Past trauma thoughts are evoked within you and you don't know why and what is triggering it. These are just a few of the signs you are Awakening. You are being guided to me for the Specialised Service The Divine has trained me for. Online event via Zoom, please download and register yourself for all my upcoming webinars. An access link will be delivered via email one day prior to the event. This is a series of events moving you through the stages of understanding, obtaining the knowledge, identifying your True Self & True Authentic Life's Purpose (Your Mission). The information and guidance I will be delivering you is of the highest most profound value you will ever receive in this lifetime. I am keeping the expense cheap so I can reach everyone, no bias on statis or wealth, I am also encouraging you to have your loved ones with you and to watch the webinar on the TV, record it or take notes. I wish to also state that my Mission is to share Unconditional Love and to Teach, Guide and Support as many as I can for as long as I can in this Lifetime. I will also be selling the video recordings to those who are unable to attend the live webinars for the same price of $50 per session. This enables me to recoup the costs I have outlaid for my education, business setup and the ongoing costs with providing the services to everyone cheaply. This is in no way a reflection of my worth it is a reflection of my honour and unconditional love to God and all the souls who are guided to me. I humbly am here to serve you as I promised to for the betterment of our Earth and us all, I am guided by God through Jesus, Archangel's, Angels of the pure realm, spirit guides, ancestors and my higher self, with all the lives I have lived, I now have all the knowledge of all my past lives connected with me now to provide you the accurate and precise information you need to gently and lovingly flow through this process of Mindset change to revert back to your higher Spiritual Self.

"Are you Awakening in the new Spiritual Journey of our Time?"  Part 1 of 10 Fortnightly Sessions, 1 hour duration, share with as many as you can, have your house filled with adults who resonate with you.  $50 per household flat fee for each fortnight, you must either purchase tickets at each event or if you can't attend the live you will be able to purchase the recording from my website two days after each event.  This is in no reflection of my worth or the information you will receive being Divinely Guided by Source and my knowledge & skills.  This is simply a reflection of my honour and to make no judgement on the different financial statis' of the souls I will be connecting with.  

If you wish to obtain a personal Intuitive Reading to assist you on your journey of finding your "Life Purpose" (Your Mission), please go to I will take payments of credit card at the time of the appointment, or you can direct deposit, or Paypal.